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Posted by Ian McAdam on June 10, 2009

I find it quite difficult to write this blog when my life by all accounts is actually rather boring at the moment, more a ping bong game between various employment agencies which seem unable to help me get into work again.  I feel a bit trapped in a poverty hole which will not loosen its grip until I find the job I so crave to have, but the less money I have, the harder it is to look neat for interviews, keep my hair trimmed and and buy new trainers!

Oh, it could be so much worse.  At least I have Jon’s support, and live in a country where people with mental health conditions are treated with a modicum of respect, even if the average person is ignorant and judgemental.  Living and working with my health condition, that’s what I want most desperately to do.

I am very much like the weather I mentioned up above.  Up and down, worried intensely by my station in life one minute,  creative and full of energy the next.  So, I’ve reported nothing new here, (Oh, I’m doing well learning Excel), but I though I might as well write something to show that I breathe and exist.


2 Responses to “JUNE RAIN AND SHINE”

  1. Samantha O. said

    Hang in there Ian! I’ll hope for more shine for you (but not too much, of course).

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