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Posted by Ian McAdam on May 22, 2009

The world is in a fine mess, but that can’t take away my focus.  I have to do productive things with my life, and get myself places.

Sure, I haven’t achieved what I hoped I would have by this point in my life, but I’m not letting this defeat me.  I am putting myself on a new career path, which I know will be successful,  in administration, hopefully moving upwards into PR.  I have a job interview set up for next week which I’m preparing hard for (I’ve been brushing up on my spreadsheet skills for a start), and I hope that next week I’ll get more interviews.  I’m going to be selling myself hard, and I fully intend (with luck on my side) to be employed by the end of June.

Eventually I will meet the right employer, and things will click into place.  Then, as part time study, I intend to pursue  my interest in horticulture in September.  This will remain a really passionate hobby until such time as it can become a new career.

Of course, my writing will always remain my true passion, and that has really come along this year, with my writing style offering clarity and accessibility.

So, this is where I stand at the age of 35.  I will get a grip on my bi polarity, and learn, once and for all, how to live and work with it.



  1. You birthday is in about 9 days, isn’t it? I think it is good to take the time to “take stock” of where your life is every now and then. I know I don’t do it enough… had a big shock when I was 29 and sensed my 30th birthday coming up, realizing I hadn’t done too much except study/work for my 20’s. Good luck for the job interviews… good thinking to prepare as you are doing. Strangely, it was a Chemistry class that forced me to learn to use Excel, but I’m glad they made us learn it.

    • Ian McAdam said

      well, I know nothing about chemistry, but spreadsheets I’m learning pretty fast. Nothing like common sense and logic to lead one on the learning path. THanks for watching my blog, Sam. It’s much appreciated.

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