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Amazing to be alive

Posted by Ian McAdam on April 28, 2009

Even when it feels like a consistent uphill.  Not being able to work in the catering industry any more puts me at  a real disadvantage, but I will find myself a job somewhare as a data input manequin or admin assistant.  I will find someone who likes me, and I will use my bipolarity to my advantage.

John and I had a break up – get back together episode, which wasn’t nice.  We’re back together now, so we’ll see what time brings our way. He’s got a very old friend from Portugal coming to London this weekend, so I’m looking forward to meeting his “family” (Anne and Eileen adopted Jon as a brother in the nineties). A few bottles of Italian sparkly (Ican’t spell proscetto), and my lasagne with garlic bread… and the ubiquitious rocket salad.

My writing has surprised me with it’s own winding ponderous but exciting turns.  That’s the thing about fiction — it’s a very lonely process, and very difficult to judge.  So If you do visit parallellondon, please leave comments to encourage me.  I’m a very needy man!


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