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Posted by Ian McAdam on April 10, 2009

When creating new and exciting things, we will always have the long history of cultural tradition influencing us, whether we like to admit to this fact or not.  Every movement which is ‘newly’ formed follows another which has exhausted its course – but the new movement is a reaction to what is perceived as passe – and it more that likely that this new movement will have as its inspiration some historical influence (you need only look at Amy Winehouse and Motown, or more currently, the influence Vince Clark is having on 2009’s music output: ‘synth-pop star La Roux – Clarke is guru, method and teacher all rolled into one.’ *)

Culture, hard as it is to accept, runs in loops and, as the old saying goes: ‘Nothing evolves in a vacuum.’

*Kitty Empire, Observer, 1 March 2009


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