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the novel project!

Posted by Ian McAdam on April 5, 2009

I have to tell you all that bother to come to this rather boring bit of the internet that for all my good intentions of writing 10000 words this week, I only managed about 3333!  I am annoyed, because everything I write will always be niche market, so I have to keep the output up.  I am very happy though that my novel has joined up with february’s short story to become a trilogy, some of it futuristic, which I think is very exciting.  I think I’m going to publish my stuff like Charles Dickens did … in installments.  Thay should start flowing by late April, so keep your eye on parallellondon. 

UNTITLED (iii) 2009



with me fading

each moment


nobody knows

yet how

silicon images


digitally perfected

(apart from the energy

in that moment

that I believe is eternal)

will be lodged

maybe displayed (displaced)

somewhere, databased

or mantlepieced, bottom drawered.

but fading, already lost.


2 Responses to “the novel project!”

  1. Jaybe said

    Great work Ian….loving this blog!

    • Ian McAdam said

      so happy you passed this way! xxxx and one from the cockatiel who says that your putty can visit so long as it’s got a full tum-tum!

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