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untitled by noinvisiblehand and michaelalchemy

Posted by Ian McAdam on March 9, 2009

burrowed in like guppies
nestled together, but, not for propagation,
unruffled & placid
it doesn’t matter who has gone flaccid

monet and manet were yuppies
cut into photographic tradition
oiled and massive
goin to market that’s still explosive

corrosive as battery acid or coca cola
as kitsch & tawdry
in their appeal as though hung on a wall
in a 1950’s garage

the machismo nation and dire sedition
bookishly named tradition
as our livers fatten like geese force fed
layed down, flattened in, aardvark archaelogy

sucking the ant colonies for aardvark protein
no greater invention than nature’s technology
that we can only draw upon and maybe improve
if we learn to put back what we remove

(Only transferred in the blink
of massive waving magnitudes
this all encompassing panic
carbon frenzy nothing)

in seething poverty they pile on
debt to more debt, the crowded interests,
no way to pay back or stop the madness
just forgive and forget, the easiest solution

narrow news streams
refracted red
spotlight ceiling light


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