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Posted by Ian McAdam on February 26, 2009

It is my belief that the digital age is having a dire effect on our ability to produce good written descriptions.  I know, through experience, how difficult it is to achieve good descriptive writing (it’s very hard work).  It is much easier to do a quick sketch, and absolute child’s play to click the button on a camera.

I love photographs.  They are genuine memory capsules and fundamentally important to our personal, local, national and global histories, but I cannot disguise my dismay at how descriptively poor modern writing is becoming.  Creative writing should not something which is limited to someones school days.  We seem to be losing the richness of our vast language to instant gratification.  It’s lazy.  We don’t have to describe things in our correspondence.  We just attach photos. 

So that is the main reason I do not pepper Facebook or this blog with photos.  I will add in the occasional one or two, but will more often put image rich passages into my journal, prose and poetry, to help y’all keep ya imaginations working.

No, I am not anti-photograph, but I am very pro descriptive writing.  So when you’re snapping your shots, think about how you would have described it if you lived in pre-industrial days.  And why not attach those descriptions to your photos?  It would create a depth and richness that a photograph on its own can’t.


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