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spring, at last!

Posted by Ian McAdam on February 25, 2009

First warm thermals
the crows acrobat on
rising by the towers and terraces
as terminal buds grow, secrets hidden inside
(overfolded leaves)

thick perfume blossom
on the dusky pavement…
headily surging energy
of people concentrated
sun-pools weekend distilled…

Southern aspect daffodils
in winter crust windowbox,
yellow – sodium yellow –
cheerful momentary memory bank.

Tanked tilted axis spinning
bicycles shorts
and eighties reprise
city haze to afternoon
as osmosis anti gravities

sex sells

Poetry puns
on taxi cabs
buses hydraulically
music making voices footfalls
market baselines
as leaf formation unabated
stag beetle larvae
on warming, rotting, woodpile.

Circle gusty squall
with plastic decomposing
this evolving, non-stop
City Song,
this warming, inspirational

Shorter colder windows
are passing quickly by.

Fractal lattice branches
are calligraphy
with messages of
and order.

My city spring,
has me in wonderment.


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