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Golly what a jolly fuss over Gollywogs

Posted by Ian McAdam on February 8, 2009

Thought I’d be a little bit topical here.

Last week, Carol Thatcher (daughter of Maggie, the lady who, with Ronnie, started the deregulation of opur banks) said in the green room of ‘The One Show’ (a dinner time topical sofa show on BBC 1) that someone was a gollywog.  She very promptly got the sack which has generated a huge furore, easpecially as the BBC’s big earners, Jonthon Ross and Jeremy Clarkson can sa more or leass anything and get off with just a rap on the knuckles or, at the most, a three mont suspension.  A huge roundswell of support is surging up for Carol, who I quite like as he seems self deprecating but very incisive.

Then, later last week, in Windsor Palace’s sovenier shop, gollywog dools had to be withdrawn from sale with huge fuss.  I am sure that this political correctness wuld make Enid Blyton blush.

On Thursday, Jon bumped into an old friend of his in King’s Cross, and as is his way they went for a couple(!) of beers at our local pub, McGlynns.  I joined them later, and met Jess (a really hard-nosed but affectionate woman who Jon has known for 16 years).  She invited us round to her place for tuna and beetroot salad, which I ate gamely, seeing as I still carry my childhood aversion to both this foods.  On display in her living room cabinet was a very jolly looking gollywog.  Seeing as she s of mixed ancestry, it made me smile.  Gollywogs may be a part of our racist cultural history, bt I douibt they will ever be used as hae figures in racist literature.  Political corrctness really should not bling us to silliness, mistakes, slips of the tongue, and humour.


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