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Posted by Ian McAdam on February 4, 2009

What a month!  Up and down, up and down!  I contemplated jumping off Westminster Bridge when I was so down in the middle of the month (it was only a contemplation, I wouldn’t ever do something like that).  I wrote a small novel called the MP-3 way which blew my socks off with its twists and turns.  I battled to sleep and did my back in too (sitting for an hour causes me so much pain that standing up is pure torture).

But there’s a positive side to it all… I did something I never thought I’d ever do!  In fact, I swore I never would! But after being invited, I had no choice but I sign up to facebook and now I’m in touch with my older brother Paul and my sister Claire.  With time I’m going to get to know my nieces and nephews.

Also In January — Jon (the most special man I’ve ever met) moved into a flat on the 17th floor in Hackney.  He calls it his penthut.  The view of this incredible metropolis called London is awe inspiring, and I have done some pretty cool descriptive writing while watching the days unfold from this lofty height.  It’s a great relief for Jon to have a place where his neighbors don’t cause him so much stress, and I know great things are going to happen for both of us.

The bird still contemplates me suspiciously.  That’s his perogative, but I think he knows that I’m a one hundred percent nutter. 

The snow that fell was something special.  I built a snowman with a wonky face (I told Jon it was modelled on him) and felt snowflakes melting against my cheeks.  That London stopped working was no surprise.  London can only cope with average weather.  Anything out of her natural range knocks her all out of equilibrium.  There’s nothing at all Thomas the Steam engine about the underground system. 

January’s favourite song (both Jon and I agree) definitely, Lilly Allen ‘The Fear.’

Buzzwords on the news:  Austerity. Protectionism.

Well, it looks as if the seventies are coming into the digital age.  It really will all be very interesting!



  1. I saw some photos of closed London train stations and even more of piles of snow on top of cars, railings etc. Certainly, that’s not the way I imagine London! I’m glad you got out there to make a snowman.

    I never thought I’d be on facebook, but there I am too! And quite enjoying it.

    I hope your back starts treating you better soon.

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