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2009 creative schedule

Posted by Ian McAdam on January 2, 2009

Hello everyone, even although it’s only Sam so far who has bothered to look me up.  I trust my family will soon be looking here too, otherwise I feel I might be wasting my time.

On new years eve, Jon and I went to our ‘polite local’ called the King Charles (I wonder if there ever will be a King Charles) and had a sedate evening seeing in the new year.  How different to the raucous times I used to have in my twenties!

There, I wrote down my literary plans for 2009, and I share them with you here.



THE CHEMICAL EQUATOR  The novel, will it ever be finished?  I’ve changed my marketing plan for it so that it no longer relies only on the small niche gay market.


So please, wish me luck.  Leave a comment here if you want bigger samples of my writing.  I will email them to you, as long as you promise to protect copyright!


3 Responses to “2009 creative schedule”

  1. Don’t despair, Ian! I had no readers when I started a blog and have since (over a year) worked my way up to 3-4 who occasionally read it and comment less often 🙂 I write it for myself, mostly.

    Do literary plans equate to resolutions?

    I wish you luck!

  2. Claire L said

    Hi Ian, eventually had enough time to sit still and read – so have caught up on your blogs! POst some more soon!

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