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Posted by Ian McAdam on December 27, 2008

2008 is rapidly coming to a close.  It was a year of degrees… degrees of mania, degrees of depression, degrees of productivity, degrees of laziness.  How I wish I was the proper motivated sort that never needs a good kick in the backside, but, I’m not!  Sometimes I think a cattle prodder would be the best thing to get me ship shape!  That I’ve been in love with Jon all through the entire year is toatlly undeniable!  Do you know, he is the first of boyfriends my parents have ever met!  In the past, I was always juggling too many lies to be able to introduce my boyfriends to my parents!  It was hard work, keeping all those lies going.  Thank God I’m not doing thatanymore.  That has to be my best memory of the year – introducig my parents to the man I intend to spend the rest of my life with.

Jon and I were going to go to midnight mass on Christmas Eve, but just a few days before the season of goodwill the Pope went and made all those inflammatory anti-gay comments and I continue to support my decision never to be confirmed as a Catholic.  If the Church cannot accept the way I have hardly any choice to be, then I can not and will not be a part of it.  Ah, if only John Paul was still Pope, I doubt their would be as much rhetoric about.

That this year I’ve got back in touch with everyone and started exploring the ether and making new friends and working again, it has all giving me faith in myself again.  I no longer feel like an island with nothing to offer the world.  Above that, my passion for the plight of the world and of humankind has been re-ignited.  So as this blog grows you’re going to find lots of diatribes about this and that being bad and how things need to changed post haste.  I am still so disappointed that Camden Council throw most of what is supposed to recycled into landfill.  It’s a shocking state of affairs!

ah!  Not just poison pen though, cos I’ve got lots of funny little imaginary stories etc to tickle your interest.  Patience is the best thing if you persist with my blog.  It will only get better with time.


One Response to “LATE DECEMBER”

  1. How lovely to be starting a new year filled with optimism (well, that’s how I interpreted what you wrote, anyway)!

    The whole recycling thing is shocking–I have wondered how much of what I dutifully separate out actually gets recycled.

    I know someone who juggles lies, and I have often thought that it might be so much easier if he didn’t have to worry about all the intersecting strands in his web of lies all the time (is that a mixed metaphor?). I’m glad you’ve figured that out, and I hope this other guy does too (I think he’s making progress as he matures).

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