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Posted by Ian McAdam on December 15, 2008

Hello to all, hope you’re in fine health.  I am a chef by trade, but a creative and sometimes inspired man by nature.  In the next couple of months I will give a brief biographyof my wierd and wonderful life, a confession of sorts I suppose….so that you can see that I have coped with it, compartmaentalised it, and am getting on with the here and now.  In the time being, if you want to view my writing and soon my attempts at photography and art, just go along to red bubble and look up noinvisiblehand.  I also play around in Peston’s Picks on the BBC blogs, although I’m convinced half the people who comment there are conspiring to bring the world to an early end!  If you want to email me, it’s mcadamian@yahoo.com


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